Geotrax provides solutions and systems for positioning, surveying, mapping, navigation, cadastral, building and construction, photogrammetry, mining and engineering, and other surveying and measurement applications. Measuring systems include high precision GPS, Total Stations, Theodolites, Levels, GIS, Software and Hand Held measurement devices.

On the mapping side, our CAD and GIS professionals assist the survey projects by creating accurate maps. We have dedicated CAD experts who have extensive experience with different CAD software products.

Geotrax expertise covers:

  • Boundary and cadastral surveys using DGPS and Total station& Levelling.
  • Topographic surveys.
  • Ground control surveys for photogrammetric projects, including Airborne GPS.
  • Only one of the two companies in India who are empanelled by NRSA for DGPS survey for ground control point collection
  • Route and alignment surveys combining conventional and photogrammetric methods.
  • Construction and cross-section surveys (from road design to precision layout and quality control).
Some of our previous DGPS Survey Projects include:
  • DGPS Survey, Entire East & West Coast for NRSC
  • DGPS Survey using Cartosat Imagery for Tea Board
  • Establishment of Control Points across Madhya Pradesh State, Commissioner Land Records , M.P
  • GCP planning and data collection for Aerial Flying using DGPS at Nellore, TADA, Chennai, Mumbai.
  • 100+ projects since 2003

Survey Equipment Owned by Geotrax

S.No: Name and type of survey instrument QTY Make and Model
A GPS Receivers (Type)
Dual frequency 3 Trimble 5700 PP Dual Frequency Receiver
Dual frequency 24 T-300 COMNAV
Dual frequency 2 Sokkia Radian IS
Dual frequency 225 China Huace-X90, X91
Single Frequency 30 Trimble Juno SB GPS Handheld Device
Single Frequency 2 Trimble R3
Single Frequency 3 Sokkia Axis3
Single Frequency 2 Sokkia Stratus with Omni star
Single Frequency 2 Leica SR20
B Total Stations
One or 2 second least count 15 Leica 500 series
Five second or better least count 4 Leica 307
Five second or better least count 1 Horizon
C Levels
Digital level 2 Leica
Auto level 2 Sokkia
Auto level 6 Horizon 4032