Geotrax owns a Drone and is being deployed on various survey projects. We are the very first in India to provide Drone Surveys and among very few who own Drones.

Now a days land surveyors are adding drones to their portfolio of instruments to adapt the modern technology to reach required efficiency levels while surveying.

Usage of drones can drastically reduce the time spent to collect the data with highest possible accuracy levels. Aqusition of aerial photos from the sky, georeferencing of rasters, orthophoto generation and other photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and GIS activities can be replaced with gathering millions of data points in one short drone flight.

Time is saved by using a survey-grade drones. These drone are equipped with GNSS/RTK receiver systems. Such GNSS/RTK receiver systems are like flying rovers, capable of receiving data corrections from a base station. Ground Control Points are not required for further job and the user directly can go for analyzing the captured data. Large projects that once took weeks can now be completed in just a few days.

Drones minimize the Manpower, Filed Trips, manual errors and this is being proved the best method for critical sites such a large Open Cast Mines, Steep Sloped Land and other difficult terrains where manual survey is so difficult and hazardous.